Evolving into 2018!

As we prepare to face another year, I hear of people “reflecting” on the last twelve months, for some it’s been a good one, for some, not so! It seems a societal tradition to look back on the past and set goals and aspirations for the coming year.

The human condition seems to always set terms and conditions for one’s self happiness! I always hear “I’ll be happy when….”. Sad as it is, we forget, true happiness is acquired just by choosing to ‘be happy’…….simples?! Maybe not?! Let’s slow down, think, enjoy all that is we are, all we have, and, be grateful, love……everything!!

On a personal level, the last year has been productive, seeing my business slowly sprout, and I look forward to blooming in 2018! I’m determined to face the ups and downs of life with renewed determination and focus.

We aren’t guaranteed tomorrow so make today count, do what you love, make a difference, show kindness, you have the power to make a change to the world, it’s your life, live it!


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